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Brain Friends’s extensive international VoIP network offers 24/7 support, unlimited call capacity, which can be dynamically allocated based on call volumes, and users can take advantage of this from whatever device, anytime and anywhere. Our unique portal giving organisations the power to VoIP Traders and Telecom Operators.

Our Services are : Brain Friends Ltd is an international telecommunications service and solutions provider that allows you to make long distance calls from the convenience of a landline, Mobile phone or even your computer. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, you can call anywhere in the world with a clear, seamless connection.

Our goal at Brain Friends Ltd is to meet the needs of our customers by providing innovative, high-quality services to the international telecommunications market, both individual customers and businesses.

Our mission is to become a world-leading IP communications service provider by offering the most aggressive and competitive pricing in the market. Our business model is based on building long-term relationships and offering superior customer service and satisfaction

Brain Friends Ltd implements cutting-edge technologies in order to operate voice networks and offer related services. We provides both consumers and businesses with wholesale international long distance telecommunications services.